Sunday, January 07, 2007

Download and SAVE Movies to your HD

I found this handy little bit of information recently:

Vdownloader will download videos from Google, Youtube and Grinvi ONLY onto your computer in avi or mpeg format not flv meaning you will be able to watch videos on your computer! ***

You are also able to change the output size and audio bitrate in the process.
Run Vdownloader.exe and copy the url of the video you want to download. Click on Download button...It's that easy.^.^

: Just unzip ALL the files to a folder in your hard disk. Both vdownloader.exe and ffmpeg.exe must be in the same directory. Otherwise, videos won't be properly converted. Then you can place a shortcut on your desktop to vdownloader.exe to run the entire program.

Regarding Download Time:
Converting youtube videos did not take long at all. A 2 minute video was downloaded and converted in about 2-3 minutes to mpg.

WARNING: Because the command line only allows one URL, I tried opening 2 instances of the program. Running multiple windows of the program does not seem to work well. I've tried multiple times, but the secondary window only seems to make it to the "download finished". It is unable to create a working converted file.

OR, get the Firefox Addon
-Simple one click addon then a browser restart
-Actually uses the same underlying program as the site below which is why it only saves files as .flv format.

OR, you can also try this site.
* You MUST use the direct link to the video you want to download, ie you can not use a link that has "search" in it. Direct Links are found beneath the actual video when it plays.
* It will only download movies as .flv files which means you have to download yet another program. You'll need either an .flv viewer or another program to convert it to and mpeg or avi yourself.
A hassle, but the site does download from dailymotion.

***for some reason weird tail numbers sometimes get tacked onto the the url when you click it on even though they don't exist in the actual address posted here. If it does this, just search for Vdownloader on or simply edit the changed url by removing the ending %4%2's etc. until you reach ".shtml".

Thanks again for stopping into my little corner of the 'net, and Happy Browsing!!

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