Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why is my laptop smoking?

Japan at least is a similar to the USA - runs alttle "slower' which always made my laptops work harder. Specifically, in the US, my laptops were cooler then in Japan. In Japan the internal fan ran ALL THE TIME the laptop was on probably accounting for the fact that inevitably. like clock-work, my laptops always died 2-3 months after returning to the states. >.>

Korea apparently is much worse and will likely literally FRY any equipment made to Japanese or USA standards without a converter.

Here are two excellently written sites I found in my quest to protect my precious Ipod Nano.
Detailed info on Japan's situation including pictures and explanation of area variations.
Worldwide Voltage and Frequency table including linked pictures.

In summary, Japan is complicated - I'm not summarizing it - but USA is a fixed at 120 V with 60 Hz frequency while Korea is mostly 220 V with 60 Hz frequency.

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