Friday, December 01, 2006

Movie Links - part 1 (legality)

Before I put up all the best links, ie all the free movies and videos you can watch online, the issue of legality should be addressed since FOX has recently starting making a fuss.

As copied directly from one of the forums:
Linking is not illegal, and I work in the legal profession, albeit it, as a legal exec and copyright is not my field.

Sure, depending on the content of what is uploaded, both the uploader and video hosts may be guilty of copy write infringement.

Even with the above in mind, we can see that the laws are a bit unclear and taking action is very hard.

This of course can be seen in the fact that the host sites such as google vid and youtube etc carry on with NO problems.

The internet is an 'open access resource' and linking to these sites is not illegal. How does the linker know the material is copywrite?

They don't! We can't be aware of these things. We don't know if any of these hosts have arrangements or rights to the material.

The buck stops with the hosts.

This is just scaremongering. Fox of course can't do anything about these hosts and have now turned their attention to people linking to them. How pitiful.

This should be a clear indication of what powers they have, surely people linking to these sites are by the by and the issue lies with the hosts, yet they complain here. This in itself should be a clear indication of things.

I PM'd videocentral about this and their comments are in agreement, with the added comment that Fox can kiss their ass.

Moviefan (username)

So rest easy, and browse happy. :) You can cruise the Internet freely...
For now at least.

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Anonymous said...

I stumbled onto your site and find it interesting. When do you plan on posting more about movies and such?

gypsyferret said...

Within the month of Jan. 2007. WE had a lot of "fixes" to introduce first since dailymotion and youtube are cracking down on video hosting. ;>