Friday, December 22, 2006

Viewing BLOCKED VIDEOS -- yes you can !!

Once again proving that Firefox is far more superior than IE...

Watch all the deleted videos on DailyMotion Hassle free!

OK, here's how you do it.....

First of all this is only an option for Firefox users. If you haven't got Firefox then click on one of the download boxes to the right. It's easy to install and it incorporates all your favourites from IE into Firefox.

Plus, you can easily change your mind after since you don't have to uninstall IE ; you're not "converting" to anything. You can just revert back to IE whenever you want. I run both FIrefox and IE on my computer with no problems (not that I use IE much anymore. ~.^ )

Download the Firefox addon "Noscript" which stops the script that stops you from watching episodes that have been deleted from Daily motion.

You can Download it here:

Once downloaded (a few minutes at the most), Follow this path:
Go to the top of the firefox toolbar and go into TOOLS ->EXTENSIONS.
A small window will pop up and the recently downloaded NOSCRIPT will be there.
Highlight it (single click), then choose the "options" button.
In the GENERAL tab, make sure is not in the ALLOW list.
If it is, single click it on and choose REMOVE SELECTED SITES.
Treat other sites like, etc. individually, hitting REMOVE SELECTED SITES everytime.
Click OK at the bottom.
Restart Firefox (to make sure it took effect.)

To make the video go fullscreen simply, right-click on on the video itself. Depending on the viewer, it will say either "GO FULL SCREEN" or just give you a "SETTINGS" option. Going through settings will allow you to go full screen.

1. These settings are permanent and if you want to turn them on/off, must be changed manually through the above steps.
2. This works perfectly but not on the customised URLs that have been resized.
3. You'll find there are some good scripts it blocks, like those from google, blogger, and meebo. HOWEVER, NOSCRIPT will tell you when it's doing this and you can again easily set those scripts to be "allowed". ^.^

Once everything is setup, and the intial sites are choosen to be allowed/disallowed, it's smooth sailing!!

Long live freespeech and creativity on the Internet!!!

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Anonymous said...

hey there!
it worked, thanks. but is this safe?

gypsyferret said...

It is actually MORE secure to have this program running.


NOSCRIPT works by *blocking* all those scripts that normally are running in the background that you were never aware of before. When you run NOSCRIPT, you are choosing to allow certain scripts to run and blocking others.
Just NEVER set it to ACCEPT Globally. It warns you to not do this in the actual program also.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this awesome trick. I am sure many are as thankful as I am. Muah!

Anonymous said...

ohh thank you so much, finally got it to work.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately i cant get it to work
i have firefox 2.0 and installed the program, but in TOOLS there isnt EXTENSIONS in there :\
plz help xD i reallie wanted to watch Crazy First Love

Anonymous said...

instead of looking for extensions just use the add ons

gypsyferret said...

What the user above said is correct.
I've noticed that different versions of FIrefox have a different setup myself.
Before I wrote this version, the directions I found for this were completely non-useable for my version of FIREFOX.
If you can't find an "extensions", you'll find want you need in "addons" . :)

guia1185 said...

i was just wondering, coz you see, i tried downloading this noscript thingy last night as to watch the movies of a friend in dailymotion but i think, it affected my emails at yahoo mail. i can't read my letters anymore. please help me with this...some of them are important to me. thanx....anyway, it did work for me...thanx once again.

gypsyferret said...

now I remember this problem... :)

You only need to set NOSCRIPT to accept scripts from not only but ALSO

If you have other email accounts, it will be similar. For example, I have a yahoo account at their Japan site so I also have to set NOSCRIPT to accept scripts from BOTH AND .

That should be it. Drop a line again if it isn't. :)

And remember, you can always test out which scripts you need for yourself by having NOSCRIPT 'temporarily allow' them. Since NOSCRIPT will reload a page when you change its settings, you can immediately see the results of your change, ie you can see whether you really need that script or not. :)

Anonymous said...

Well I can't get this to work, can someone please test this one for me.

I'm trying Season 7, Episode 6

Anonymous said...

Besides using the NOSCRIPT extension to disable the script run by Daily Motion, another option is to disable Javascript from your browser.

In Firefox, click on Tools -> Options -> Content: uncheck "enable Javascript".

In Internet Explorer, click on Tools -> Internet Options -> Security tab: click Custom Level -> scroll down to "Active Scripting" and either check "disable" or "prompt"


gypsyferret said...


That movie has been *actually* removed. That happens on occassion. If you got NOSCRIPT to work for other previously blocked videos then you know this is the case.
--It's not just BLOCKED, but truly GONE.

Thanks for the extra tip. :)
I had heard about that one earlier, but didn't bother to post it. I don't post *anything* I don't try out myself.

musicalsoul said...

hi.. thanks for the tip..but i still cant see where are the rejected movies though... i installed the NOSCRIPT thing but it still doesnt work... urrm should i allow dailymotion? or should i not?

yogaferret said...

Using NOSCRIPT is a balancing trick you have to do Every time you want to view something. First, always try viewing the movie withOUT NOSCRIPT blocking the vid. (ie temporarily ALLOW that site).

If you get a "content rejected" or similar message, then tell NOSCRIPT to FORBID that site.

If you still can't see the movie, then that vid is gone. Time to pick something else to view tonite.

cheers! :)

Anonymous said...

i downloaded noscript and have it running in firefox. however, whenever i try to watch a video that has been removed, nothing happens. i have looked through the list of allowed sites and i do not see any of the videos' hosts on it. why isn't it working?

yogaferret said...

Please see comments I posted above. :)

Don't worry. As fast as they are removed, they are replaced with new links. ;)

Anonymous said...

i am so confused. i did everything and read through all of your comments.

whenever i do something it doesnt let me. when i search something a little tab type thing appears at the bottom of my browser saying that scripts are not allowed/allowed and refreshes the page and doesnt let me do anything else.

William said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
William said...

It's not working even though I did everything you said above. Please help :)

yogaferret said...

Usually then that just means the vid is gone. Most of these sites BLOCK the vids at first, but they do eventually PURGE them from the system. Nothing more to do but search elsewhere.

Vinnie said...

how do you get firefox to allow youtube videos? ive tried all of the above yet i still get the message that i have javascript disabled or i have an old version of flashplayer, which i recently updated.

Anonymous said...

I can't figure out what the "allow" list is. It is not in the "general" tab.