Sunday, February 11, 2007

Fixing your Movie Playback Quality

If you watch a lot of movies, you have probably had this happen to you too:

- Suddenly the image freezes but the sound kept playing.
- Disoriented or coloured blocks of pixels distorting the image for a time.

Then, Divx Repair is the program that you could use to fix the errors automatically. They even offer a forum for questions and help on their main site.

Divx Repair is very simple to use. Just unzip it to your hard drive and run it from the location that you have unzipped it to. Divx Repair does not need to be installed and does not alter your system files or registry. Double-click Divx Repair to start the program. You can simply add files with the button Add Files.

The button Repair files starts the automatic repair process which tries to fix bad frames automatically. Only the bad frames will be deleted not the key frames which means that you should be able to play the movie without errors from now on.

A error report at the end of the repair displays the amount of bad intervals that have been found. If a fix was necessary a new version of the movie will be saved in the same directory as the original movie file-a nice, smart program.

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