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LibriVox: over 1000 public domain books in audio book format available for download. Over 700 of the books are in English, the rest in other languages including German, Japanese, and French. (They have THE YELLOW SIGN!)

Intro: Classic radio stories from the 1930-1950's era. When actors could entertain with their voices alone, without the need for FX to distract you from poor-quality, shallow acting.
All sites have the ability that you can listen on the site or download to your computer.
-over 12,000 episodes from tons of series
-nice selection that includes also podcasts and commercials categories
-nice selection of free episodes from many series
-although it is mostly a purchasing site (purchase OTR eps on CD cheaply), there are a lot of free episodes to download too.
-collection of OTR links. Follow to listen and download episodes.

You can also both listen to AND save these episodes with the VideoLAN player that was recommended earlier for watching any video format.
First, startup the VideoLAN player.
You then have to OPEN a "network stream" and paste the address in the appropriate field. Then, if you want to save, click on Stream/Save. Make sure you click on the SETTINGS next to that option and set the appropriate settings, ie. if you're saving to your HD, you need to give the file a name. Also, there are many choices for "encapsulation method" (format to save as). I just leave it at MPEG TS for these radio streams.

The file will be saved in the default folder VLC in the directory you originally setup for VideoLAN. For example, in my case, these downloads are saved in the directory ProgramFiles\VideoLAN\VLC since I originally set up VideoLAN in the ProgramFiles\VideoLAN\ directory. I then just move them to where I want to store them and play away!


Light's Out
Haunting Hour

Inner Sanctum Mysteries
TheInnerSanctum 1941-1943
TheInnerSanctum 1944
TheInnerSanctum 1945
TheInnerSanctum 1946
TheInnerSanctum 1947
TheInnerSanctum 1948
TheInnerSanctum 1949: PartOne
TheInnerSanctum 1949: PartTwo

Hall Of Fantasy
Dark Fantasy: complete CD


RADIOCLUBBLOG: The website makes it really easy to search for music using their search engine. The site offers a way to listen to the music online or copy and paste code into your own website to make it available to your visitors. The code contains the direct link to the mp3 file. It is therefor very easy to extract the link to the mp3 file from the code and download it afterwards. This requires some manual work but is really easy.

SCREAMER RADIO: Screamer Radio supports Shoutcast and Icecast Mp3 Streaming as well as WMA and AAC streaming. A big list of supported radio stations is available at the official screamer radio website. The preset tab holds a large list of radio stations which are directly accessible through screamer radio. Just choose a station and Screamer will automatically start the playback. Just hit REC if you want to start recording streams which will then be saved in the default location.
A great feature of Screamer Radio is that you can hit REC even in the middle of a song and it will still be saved completely if it was not the first song of that radio station. Screamer Radio uses a buffering technique to make this possible. Screamer Radio also uses the meta data that is sent by some radio stations to add the real filename, title and artist, not generic info. Best of all it is free, does not use many system resources and can be run in system tray.

PHONOSTAR RECORDER: Phonostar is a free radio player and recorder that comes preconfigured with more than 4000 radio stations. Phonostar tries to automatically determine the audio source that can be used to record songs and loads the interface afterwards. Top stations are selected and a double-click starts the playback of that station. Please note that all top stations seem to be in German, conduct a search for English stations.
Phonostar has more than 2100 English stations in it database including such famous ones as digital imported radio. If your favorite stations are missing you can simply add them by clicking on On Air and selecting Add radio station or open stream url. Before you are ready to record songs you should enter the recording settings and change the default format from .wav to .mp3 to save space on your hard drive. Click on recording in the left pane and select mp3 as the file format. To record simply click the red button in the left pane and the recording process starts.

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