Thursday, May 05, 2011

false(?) rumors flying

I encourage all to send a request to this Minister to ask if he is seriously saying "It is the fault of the private (animal welfare) groups that pets can not be brought out of the no-go zone."
Because that is the rumor being spread far and wide by this local vet.

Is this true? Can someone in the government really be trying to place the blame on Humane welfare groups?

Maybe and Maybe not.
After all, it was posted by the vet, not directly by the member of the Diet.
Not directly or officially by the speaker.
It could be yet another case of this is what the poster (vet) wants to hear.
OR it could be he really did hear those words.

But it is all the same in the end.

If this is true
, it is reprehensible.
Do NOT let the Japanese government get away with "starving the animals out" as a solution. Let them know that the world is still watching.

If this is false, it is just as dangerous.
Citizens that were actively working to save the animals from starving to death will now take a step back and cease their efforts falsely believing that they have done something wrong.

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subject header: 本当ですか?獣医師の語る議員の本当のお言葉??

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Even though the quote above is taken directly from the original blog, by now, the original blog may have been removed.

And if you don't trust the translations of a professional, please feel free to plug the above quote into google translate.
Although it does make one wonder why professional translation companies would choose to pay for my translations rather than use a free service like google if machine translation is so much more reliable.

(Yes, I am being facetious. It's a long standing issue that we as professionals are tired of dealing with. I can't tell you how many times I have had to rewrite from scratch a more "accurate" machine translation or a translation by a non-native speaker for that matter.)

All we are doing is asking for an answer to a question - Did you really say this?
What real harm is there in that?

Beyond letting them know that WE KNOW.

Cheers! (^_-)-☆

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yogaferret said...

【拡散希望】高邑議員:民間団体のせいでペット持ち出し無いって本当?!? 確認しましょう! #311pet #minshuto

yogaferret said...

@minshuto_jp 高邑議員:民間団体のせいでペット持ち出し無いって本当?!? 確認しましょう! #311pet #minshuto