Sunday, July 24, 2011

Know Before U Go: the earthquakes are FAR from over

Before the M9 in Northern Japan on 3/11 the research institutes in Japan were already predicting within the next 30 years, there will be an M9 in SOUTHERN Japan.

That has not happened YET.

And while I was still trapped in Japan, I was living in Southern Japan.  Living in Southern Japan afforded me the privilege of not only seeing first hand how poor the Japanese government responded to a disaster of that magnitude, but also gave me access to information only accessible to the Japanese citizens.

Information such as the fact that during one of the episodes of "Eye on Kansai"series about the tsunami and earthquakes (an evening TV show about Southern Japan  、かんさい熱視線 ) they discussed how UNPREPARED that region still is for the upcoming mega-quake.  In that series they also mentioned how the research institutes were revising their estimates for that upcoming M8/9 earthquake.  Revising them to estimate an earlier date of occurrence.

In other words, Southern Japan is looking at its own M8/9 not within the next 30 years, but sooner.

This main site through Yahoo Japan will not only give you constantly updated information on tremors and major quakes, but information on past quakes.

The following are only the most recent earthquakes OVER level 5 under BOTH measuring systems after I left Japan on June 27th.
However, do not be fooled into thinking these are irregular occurrences.  Japan has been getting M5 and M6 on an almost regular basis between 3/11 and the end of June.  (You can check the history of the quakes through that Yahoo site)
You don't want to be visiting Japan now or anytime soon.
You want to be LEAVING.

7/31 M6.4

7/23, M6.5:

7/15, M5.5:

7/05, M5.4:

But if you still feel like playing Russian Roulette, we happened upon a nice collection of images and videos of the 3/11 M9 Earthquake-Tsunami disaster.  (And these are not even touching upon the nuclear reactor meltdown and fallout.) 
You don't need to understand the words, just look at the pictures.  :9

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