Saturday, July 23, 2011

sounding familiar?

I so love the Old Time Radio stories.
The GOLDEN ERA of Radio was truly a Golden Era not just of radio as a medium, but of creativity and thoughtful speculation.  A time when horror was creepy and haunting, not bloody and violent.  When science fiction was more than just special FX and CGI.

By chance recently I found myself listening to an old familiar one I had not heard in five or more years.  And frankly, having just left Asia after working there for around six years now, I found the story eerily appropriately.

If you don't feel this way now, you will in a few years given the continuing job climate and state of world economics.

Just keep repeating to yourself, "Like work here. No complain.
 Like work here. No complain!  

And in the meantime, please enjoy a brief glimpse into your future from 1943 with the Light's Out classic, Profits Unlimited.

It IS later than you think.

Cheers! (^_-)-☆

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