Sunday, August 14, 2011

My new job as a Highly Successful Fortune-Teller

I really try to not watch the Japanese news anymore.
It's not because of the smothering censorship though. Being able to speak and read Japanese fluently I could find the information on what is really happening if I looked around for it. The fact is I already saw it coming.

What I predicted back in April, low and behold, is happening now:
* mass numbers of people suffering from heat exhaustion/stroke because of the "energy saving" measures.
* planned/unplanned blackouts because there isn't enough energy to go around.

August 11 - In just ONE DAY, almost 1 thousand, or specifically more than 900 PEOPLE were sent to the hospital for heat exhaustion/stroke. (TBS)

August 12 - Another day, another city, a blackout of 2+ hours in the middle of 95+ degree summer day. (TBS)

If we were still in Japan, Ranmaru would be DEAD.

I stuck it out through a lot, A LOT of 5h1t, but when it became apparent that these kinds of situations were on the horizon (not to mention another M9 for our region), I packed him up and bid a sad and final farewell to a country I had loved for so long.

The fact is there's simply not enough energy to go around even with all the "energy saving" actions.  And even through the highly, extremely censored news, you can find the the government admitting that there will be over a 6% shortage through summer and the coming winter.
(Makes you wonder what the Flu epidemic will be like this time around.)

Now, admittedly, the August 12th blackout in the middle of 95 degree weather was unplanned.  TEPCO, however, is calling for even MORE CONSERVATION or there will be the infamous(ly fuddled) Planned Blackouts that we saw right after 3/11 to look forward to again by the end of August.  (Sankei,)

Oh, and I hope you have been following the recent August earthquakes.
Already, two rated at Magnitude 6+.
We saw those coming, too.
(Again, just August.  This is the July list of biggies ..)

So consider this my official application for a position in the fortune-telling business.
So far, we've been right on the dime.  :p

(Seriously, get out of that country if you can. )

 Cheers! (^_-)-☆

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