Saturday, March 12, 2011

EVACing pets in JAPAN

Much to my disappointment, less than 20 hours after the first earthquake and tsunami waves, a reporter in the air reported spotting dogs left wandering around in the wreckage.

Japan is by far the far-most advanced? modernized? Asian country in terms of its attitude to non-human family members, but much like with Hurricane Katarina, animal companions are being abandoned at home to fend for themselves while their families flee to higher ground.

I will translate later today or this weekend, but this was posted for EVCing pets if u live in Japan:
#tsunami #pet #earthquake #emergency #evac

There is also a general disaster preparedness kit for FERRETS (list) compiled by the experienced members of F.E.R.R.E.T.

The American Humane Society offers a general list for disaster preparedness for general pets and livestock.

The ASPCA offers a general list for disaster preparedness for general pets.

The United Animal Nations also offers a general list for disaster preparedness for general pets. They also offer a wonderful list of sites to search for pet-friendly hotels covering the USA, Canada, and International hotels.

Pet Hotels / Boarding in Japan.

If you have lost your pet OR you have found a lost pet, here is a place where you can post the information sponsored by the Veterinarians Information Network.
It's all in Japanese so if you want to post, either send me a comment here (It won't post automatically. Confidentiality is respected.) or you can try google's web auto-translate.

FERRETS WORLD HELP on Facebook is a place to post and share SOS for ferrets (urgences, lost/found, etc... ) everywhere in all the languages.

May or may not have anything (so far nothing), but these are the two major Ferret Societies in Japan:
JFA (AFA counterpart in Japan)
IFS (International Ferret Society)

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