Tuesday, March 15, 2011


People always wonder why I would rather more or less take my chances over here than in the USA. The comments you see below, it's what I keep telling people about Japan. Yeah, they definitely have their issues, but this, too, is all soooo true.

The comments are updated regularly as new people post, but here is a sample of some of the most recent comments:

I find it amazing how orderly the Japanese people are in facing this catastrophe. They aren't finger pointing, yelling for others to take care of them, looting, or waiting for handouts. They are tending to the business at hand and taking care of EACH OTHER. I am so more likely to contribute to them than to those sitting on their rumps, stealing and screaming for OTHERS to do something.

Imagine for a second if this happened in New York .....the chaos looting murder and craziness would be totally out of control. The Japanese have an amazing CULTURE we should all be watching and learning as they deal with this tragedy!!!!!

You cant compare New Orleans to Japan. The Japanese people are raised to have the most respect for their fellow man. They are taught that saving face is very important. You wont catch then stealing and looting because they know that whatever you do there is a price to pay and they wouldnt think of stealing from their fellow man. They are very bright people. God bless them and sorry for all those that lost their lives.

Of course there was no looting in Japan. You will also find the survivors actually cleaning up after this big mess. Unlike New Orleans where you still find trash in front of many yards of homes that haven't been touched. They're still waiting for me to come by and pick it up for them.

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