Friday, March 25, 2011

Flowering Friday

Forget TGIF, it's HANAKIN!

Or "Flower Friday" if you prefer, the most blessed day of the week in any culture. Hanakin is also the day, for me in particular, to partake in 鯨飲馬食。

Working at a Japanese preschool and kindergarten, you barely have time to have a decent meal yourself at any point during the day much less at lunch time. Morning is time to quickly wolf something down (usually while in the shower because that's the only room above 70 F at any time), matched by an equally hastily made dinner, only this time it's out of exhaustion. Forget lunch. Sure you'll eat it but you won't remember eating it as you spend most of the time monitoring for spills, doing refills, and shoveling food into the mouths of slow or outright resistant eaters.

So Hanakin has come to be synomonous with another Japanese classic, 鯨飲馬食 (GeiInBaShoku) - drink like a whale, eat like a horse.

I apparently lean more to the horsey-side of the phenomena though judging from the mountainous pile of "white balloon" brand cookie wrappers siting on top two chocolate bar wrappers. (All the cookies amounted to the same amount of calcium as a glass of milk so it wasn't a total "loss".)

So Noms and Cheers to you and yours on your upcoming Friday.


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